To The World Of Illumination

Many Rulers have received Power with the help of Magic. Since the time of the first rulers and leaders, the Kings and Sultans, at their court, there have always been Sorcerers and Magicians of the highest initiation helping them to achieve their ultimate weapon ”POWER” and then to hold it in their hands. And those who wanted to be close to the Rulers and receive positions and wealth were ready for any bribery of the Sorcerers and Magicians of the Ruler to Receive the Power this unique and extremely powerful ritual can give.

Until now, these Powerful Ancient spell have ONLY BEEN AVAILABLE to the ELITE and those born into families of the WEALTHY OR WITHIN THE ILLUMINATI SOCIETY.

We are now offering these POWERFUL CASTINGS at an AFFORDABLE PRICE to the public. Many of the world’s MOST SUCCESSFUL & WEALTHY have embraced these SACRED ANCIENT MAGIC to get to where they are today.

These spells are cast by very powerful sorcerers of the ILLUMINATI society


Secret Ball

Once every year 3000 people are selected from each country to be initiated into the Illuminati secret order. The selected members then meat and gather in a randomly selected private Mansion where they wine, dine and dance as they prepare to be initiated into this secret order. The initiation process takes three days but the guests are allowed to stay up-to six days.

Once you apply and you are selected, you will receive an email from us with further instructions and if you are not selected, you wont get a return mail from us. Make sure you avail all relevant data while applying and once selected among the lucky 3000, keep it as a secret even from your family members otherwise your pass will be revoked.

Tickets to the ball are  $200 ordinary and the VIP $400.

Interested in knowing more about Illuminati secret ball and initiation
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Find answers to all of your questions here

How much information do you need to Cast a Spell for me?

Once your order has been placed, the witch you have requested to Cast your Spell will contact you by email. The information needed for Casting a Spell can vary depending on who is Casting your Spell as well as the type of Spell you have requested. Please be assured that all information is strictly confidential and is used only for the purposes of Spell Casting.

Do you need additional information for Spells that involve other people?

Generally speaking, the more descriptive you can be about the situation, the better. We do usually ask for the names of the other people to be included in the Spell. However, any extra information that you can provide is welcome.

How do I know when my Spell will be Cast?

Once we receive your order and all information needed for your Spell we will send you a letter through the mail. Enclosed you will find information about the day your Spell will be Cast along with any other instructions. If you select “Do Not Mail Spell”, all information will be sent to you by e-mail.

Do I get to choose when you Cast my Spell?

We have found that things usually work better if you let us pick the date. Due to each witch’s Casting preferences, they do keep their own schedule. Spells are time and energy consuming rituals that require some amount of recuperation after Casting. We pride ourselves on our quality of work, and schedule ourselves accordingly. However, if you do require that your Spell be Cast on a specific date, we ask that you make your request at least four weeks in advance. The exception to this is Urgent Cast Spells, which are Cast within 36 hours of ordering.

Do you Cast Spells intended to hurt people or death Spells?

No. With these types of Spells, the risk is never worth the reward. There is always another solution.

Will having multiple Spells Cast conflict with any other Spells?

Only if you specifically request to counter another Spell. Otherwise, our Spells do not alter or conflict with previous Spells and only do exactly as you request.

How long will it take for my Spell to work?

It is almost impossible to know when you will start noticing the results of your Spell. Spell Casting is an art, not an exact science. Results are different for every person, and depend on the many variables concerning your situation as well as the people involved.

Keep in mind that negative thinking during the Spell Casting time will often delay the results, so keep your thoughts optimistic!

I don't think my Spell is working, what's wrong?

Your actions and choices help to contribute to your goal’s success, or lack thereof. Although a Spell will immediately impact the person or area it is Cast on, tangible results can take anywhere from a few days to several months depending on your particular circumstances. There are many factors that can affect the timing and outcome or your Spellwork. Since we cannot exercise any direct control over you before, during or after the Spell Casting process, the kind of results achieved (and when they will be achieved), can depend on you, to a large degree. Be sure to make choices and take actions that are consistent with your goal! For example: if you request a Spell to find a new job, you really shouldn’t show up late for the interview, dress improperly, give bad references, etc… You cannot expect a Spell to make up for your poor choices and actions. Be proactive, and you WILL reach your goal!

Is it safe to pay with a credit card online?

Yes! Any transaction you make with us is completely secure. The credit card and ordering information you provide to us when purchasing our products are protected by Paypal’s or Google’s secure servers, using industry-standard SSL encryption. This means that any time your credit card information is transmitted over the Internet, it is encrypted so that nobody else can read it.

I made a mistake, can I change my order?

If the Spell has not been Cast, you can request any changes to your selected Witch by replying to the More Information Request e-mail that he or she sent you when you placed your Spell request. If the Spell has been Cast, we cannot change it without Casting a counterSpell or a new Casting of the original Spell with new information. Please pay close attention when ordering.

I'm under 18, can I still place an order?

We cannot Cast Spells or sell products to anyone under the age of majority. If you have not reached the age of majority in your jurisdiction, please do not purchase from us.

Do you use Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, or another web-based e-mail service?

Please check your Spam or Junk folder, as sometimes these services scan for words they think are “spammy” and treat the message as possible junk mail. Because of the nature of our services, our customers often discuss issues with us using words that can easily make a junk mail filter think that it’s spam. The best way to avoid this is to add our addresses to your Contact List or Whitelist.