Secret Ball


We will whisk three thousand accepted guests  away to a secluded estate in the woods for an elaborate dinner, exotic cocktails, an elegant gift, and an Illuminati initiation ceremony. Candidates will be returned to Our private Mansion before midnight.

Join us and discover the light of truth.

At 6pm  luxury limousine buses will pick up three thousand candidates at a secret  location. They will be transported to a stately hunting lodge located on a secluded lake peninsula one hour outside of the city. Champagne will be sipped while guests are briefed. Cellphones and bags will be collected fifteen minutes before arrival in order to protect the privacy and safety of all attending.  We will provide each of you with a unique mask to wear for the evening.

Our Surrealist soirée includes intricate cocktails, mouthwatering delicacies, inspiring music, devilish dances, and esoteric rituals.  The first course will be eaten  blindfolded to better appreciate the nuance of the food. Initiates will be taken to secret places inside and on the grounds of the estate by their kinship leader. A few lucky guests will sip cocktails while aboard the SS Charlotte.


Illuminati Ball candidates may be involved in power struggles, morality tests, and anthropomorphic escapades.

When you purchase your ticket you will be asked to choose an animal kinship.

Pig: Intelligent, Hedonistic, Honest
Monkey: Mischievous, Outspoken,  Clever
Chicken: Musical, Intense, Sensual
Cow: Erotic, Excitable, Unpredictable
Mouse: Spirited, Witty, Listener

Dress code must be adhered. Come dressed in creative formal attire — the sky is the limit! We will be providing you with unique masks or hats, but please wear tuxes, suits, suit-coats, gowns, cocktail dresses or dressy slacks. Long capes are always welcome, too. If you enjoy dressing to kill, this is the time to do so. Cravats, bow ties and ties are preferred, but not necessary as long as you wear a suit coat and a dress shirt. We recommend comfortable shoes. Flats, low heels or low-heeled boots will better serve your wandering. You will be outside for part of the evening, so please wear appropriate outerwear. If you wish to swim in the lake or take a bath towels and accouterments will be provided. Feel welcome to bring a bathing suit if you so desire.

The kinship masks you will be wearing at the ball were made by Francesca Piper Koss of Assembled Vision. Mindfulness, awareness of ones environment and our impact on the earth are important aspects of Assembled Vision’s work. 



Apply for a Ticket to attend the secret ball using the form below. Remember not all applicants will qualify to attend. After you submit your application, wait for The Illuminati to contact you back. If you don’t receive a message back from the Illuminati that means you have not qualified to attend.

If you are lucky and you qualify, an email will be sent to you on how to proceed.

Illuminati will contact you as soon as possible if you qualify!