30 Days

Njord, father of the gods Freyr and Freyja, was associated with wealth and abundance; We shall bring that upon you with a money spell, inspired from the old traditions. Money spells bring wealth and prosperity by attracting luck and positive energies.

Money does not bring happiness, but it brings security and stability. This wealth and money spell will help you achieve that.

If you would like to attract not only money but things like success in business or a good job this money spell is what you are looking for.

What We need:

  • Your name, date of birth and any other information you deem interesting for us to know.

What this spell can bring to you:

  • Luck;
  • Material security
  • A steady flow of income
  • A good job
  • Success with job interviews
  • Better chances of winning at the lottery ( consecutively or in a single occasion)

Attract a constant and steady flow of income by casting this spell.

We like to cast the spell frequently to maintain optimal levels of energy. Multiple castings help to keep luck on your side and to keep your spirit high! Good vibrations not only bring money and prosperity but also love, success and happiness!