Cast By 5 Witches
3 - 30 Days
United Kingdom

This is a customised Magick work. We work with demonic spirits to bring you your most crucial desires. Demons are extremely powerful beings who bring about dramatic results. So please ensure you are 100% sure you want to work with this Magick as working with demons is LIFE CHANGING. Once you purchase your Magick work, we will schedule your spell casting date and prepare to put your request forward to the demons. Depending on your situation and the strength you choose at checkout, these castings can take anywhere between 3 – 30 consecutive days of casting. The stronger the strength you choose for your spell casting the more dramatic your results will come.

Once you have purchased your custom Magick work email us your situation and your desired outcome, along with your name and dob (and any third parties involved name/dob). You will then get a confirmation of your spell casting date. Once your spell has been completed we will email you a report of our casting.

This is Magick work done on your behalf by us. We will NOT send you anything physical unless necessary.